Master Switch by Materious

The Promise of This Moment, presented by The Mighty Bearcats in collaboration with the Object Design League, runs June 15-22, 2009.

This exhibition highlights the capacity of objects to transform banal and commonplace activities into moments of play, relief, beauty and delight. While the objects presented in this show fit squarely into the corners of the everyday — like buttoning up your shirt in the morning, switching an appliance on and off, or not making the bed — they also create new aesthetic and experiential opportunities within routine.

materious adieu

materious adieu

Adieu by Materious

jacobson still life

Still Life by Sara Jacobson

berman stimulation

savona construction

Construction cones by Michael Savona

haulenbeek paddles

haulenbeek paddles

Paddles by Steven Haulenbeek

smithlinder pipette

Pipete by Smith and Linder

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