Now that we’re done with the House Milk kitchen, it’s time to move on! Let’s take things outside…

We have two matching exterior lights – one at the foot of the driveway and one closer to the house. They wouldn’t have been my first pick, but we can’t afford to replace them right now and I can live with them. What we can afford to do, is make them prettier.

Each one sits in a planter, of sorts, made of brick, both of which are falling apart at this point (we’ve already repaired them once). The brick really doesn’t go with the house at all; we don’t have any brick on the exterior. On top of that, they’re basically a haven for weeds.

Pretty pathetic… and our repair job doesn’t really make it much better…

The lamp posts sit in about a 14″ circumference of concrete a few inches below the surface of the planter. This means, we can’t completely remove the bricks and call it a day. Who wants to stare at two giant mounds of concrete – this isn’t a parking lot. We’ve thrown around a few ideas – maybe putting a hole in the bottom of a wooden planter and sliding it over the top, or maybe building a concrete planter around the light post and filling it with gravel or stone.

This little weed is about 100 times larger now! Time to yank him out.

What would you do if these were your lamp posts?