I don’t post about many personal things, but this is related to design and previous posts. I finally bought a number of things that I really wanted, and I would like to share them all with you.

1) I finally got a new bag. After 2 years. It’s an extremely well-made bag and holds a ton of my crap. Wendy is one talented lady.

Moop Market Bag

2) I bought myself this lovely little item for my fancy new job:

i am not a paper cup

I Am Not A Paper Cup

3) I finally got a decent coatrack after years of obsession & it came so fast — thanks to Highbrow Furniture!

eames hang-it-all

4) I needed one of these (Dirt Devil Kone) for the ridiculous amount of pet hair my dogs shed and I got one for my mom too:

Dirt Devil Kone

5) And I just fell in love with this new Built NY lunch tote with the French Bull vine pattern:
Built NY French Bull Vine Gourmet Getaway