Time 02 is an experimental design exhibition that opened last week in the basement of the Hansen Hospital in Jerusalem, a hospital built at 1887 as a treatment center for lepers. Initiated by David Keller, graduate of the Design Department of Bezalel, the exhibition features original works created specifically for this exhibition, which runs through December 17, 2010.

From the curator, Tal Gur:

After finishing their studies, young designers in Israel have very few opportunities to continue and develop their projects and their special individual design language. “Time 02″ was created specifically for these designers who have completed their five year academic studies in the different design departments in the country. Young designers are keen on an opportunity to “kick” and passionate on the opportunity to create, and for a podium to exhibit their work.

“Jerusalem as a source of inspiration” – a challenging and complex title that was the only guide line for initiating the work process. From the diverse and unexpected ways the designers chose, from the corners they chose to illuminate, we’ve collected a mass of interesting and inspiring projects that each one is in a way a microcosms of Jerusalem. And in the spirit of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe we can say that “Jerusalem is in the details.”