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I’m a very visual person, and that’s one reason why our site is so photo-heavy: I believe visuals are the best way to demonstrate, make a point, or express emotion. However, sometimes visuals just aren’t enough… especially when it comes to communicating with team members at work. In this digital age, gone are the days of writing in the margins or adding “comments” to PDFs. Lots of people are now using phones and iPads for work, so annotating a PDF is way too old school and cumbersome on a tablet.

That’s why the guys at Tru Inc. developed truPad, a photo and PDF annotation tool that works for our digital lives. Architects and designers can annotate plans, PDFs, sketches, or even take screenshots and add notes right on top of the photo. Project managers can communicate effectively with their teams immediately, no matter where in the world they are. You can even record a voice note to go along with your photo. I’m thinking this could be totally useful for when I send pics of my dog to my husband.


Take a photo on your construction site and send annotations back to the engineer or designer, shoot a font you love and send it back to the office with a note to yourself or your team, or simply send your kid’s drawing to grandma. You can also create tons of folders and use them to archive all your files as well as tag them with individual keywords for easy lookup later. I can see a lot of use for an app like this, especially in the working design world.


truPad is just $0.89 in the iTunes App Store so go download it now and get working on those cat pic voice messages.

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