Brazilian interior designer Jorge Rangel made his way to Barcelona, Spain where he recently renovated this 100 m2 apartment, called Casa Moncada, in a sophisticated palette of black, white, and gold. Opening up the space gave way to a larger living room with light gray and white walls. He turned the design notch up a bit with black and white fabrics, dark slate, and warm grays.

To break up the boxiness of the space, plasterboard was installed on the ceiling in various angular shapes. Warm lights were hidden inside to brighten up the sitting area.

There’s a sense of clean, simplicity throughout the space, therefore not overwhelming the size.

The wood floors were dyed white and laid diagonally.

A huge hot tub was added right off the kitchen for those who like to bathe while their other half is cooking or vice versa (what?!). Maybe you just want to keep an eye on that pot of boiling water while you soak (what?!).

Photos by Stephan Zahring.