Johannesburg-based company, Espresso Veloce arguably crafts some of the world’s most beautiful espresso machines. Taking inspiration from complex Formula One engines, their pieces have become an expressive—and functional—piece of automotive art.


V12 is the Espresso Veloce’s newest machine. It’s handcrafted from magnesium, titanium, and aluminum pieces that come together to form a top-notch beauty. From it’s modern aesthetic to its intricate inner workings, the V12 embodies the power and design of a 12-cylinder engine.


So now you want some espresso, eh? To start the machine press one of the two buttons (for a single or double shot). A high-pressure pump moves water through an in-line heat exchange and then into the group head capsule. The high-pressurized water passes through the group head, which then dispenses out of one of the 12 titanium exhaust pipes.


Need your caffeine fast? From start to finish, the V12 makes your espresso in 16 seconds flat!


No pressure, but only 500 have been made, so jump on it!