In Milan, Valerio Maria Ferrari will present his newest collection of experimental tables and folding chairs called “Seduta a statuto speciale,” composed of six chairs and three tables. The pieces are made of painted plywood and transparent methacrylate.

From the press release:

This year the author continues the story starting from the pattern. The little hearts that decorated the Goldilocks chairs have become, along with the redesign and colouring of the other elements, the ironic quotation from the South Tyrolean craft tradition. So while the seats with reclining backs form a bench with the unmistakably Italian colours of the tricolore (three colour flag), when the backs are raised, the viewers can immerse themselves in the imagery of a region (emotional even more than geographic) “with a Special Status.”

If you’re one of the lucky ones going to Milan this year, the collection can be seen April 14-25, 2010 at Accademia Contemporanea via San Calocero 27 Milan (subway MM Sant’Agostino).