Close to Lake Joux in Switzerland, the architecture firm of Ralph Germann designed this lake house that’s covered in a dark, anthracite metallic covering to protect it from the cold climate. The ends of the house are set back and covered in larch wood giving it a homey feel. The windows are long and narrow which let the homeowners take in panoramic views of the lake, also giving the exterior of the house some extra architectural details.

The interior is both modern and cozy, with larch wood covering one wall made of cabinets. I love how the furnishings aren’t oversized, but scaled for the size of the room.

The house is split into two levels that are connected by two red lacquered staircases. The upstairs is divided, one side is the master bedroom and the other is for guests, each reached by a separate set of stairs – perfect for privacy.

Photos by Lionel Henriod/mc2.