Evan Bare is at the helm of the Toronto-based 608 Design where he designs and builds a collection of environmentally conscious upholstered seating. The line is made so that the pieces can be taken apart for transportation, as well as making it easy to have the parts replaced if need be. One of the coolest aspects though is the incorporated storage that the pieces have.

The modular SMS design (first image also) is made up of components to give you the flexibility of adding on when in larger spaces. It starts with an armless chair that you add universal arms to, making it a club chair. Need more seating? Add additional armless chairs with universal arms on the end to create a loveseat or sofa.

The Tru chair is an updated version of an the old classic tuxedo style chair with the bonus of having storage cubbies built-in for blankets, books or magazines.

Classic and clean lines make up this Annex Club chair, while still remaining comfortable.

The Annex Wingback started as the Annex Club chair but with the added module, it becomes a wingback. The wings are prefect to block out noise and prying eyes.

The Toffel chair design brings it back to the basics being a simple and stripped down slipper chair. It’s a perfect place “to plant your cheeks and rest your back.”