This home by Wingardh is nestled right into the cliffside, literally. The solid rock cliff acts as one facade of the home in addition to a beautiful sculptural piece right in the living room.



The diffculties of the site, the oblique angle of the steep cliff to the view, were challenges which, coupled with the area development plan’s stipulation of a roof pitch of between 14 and 30 degrees and an eaves height of three metres, informed the building. The rock with which it is united is exposed indoors and forms a wall of the deep courtyard admitting daylight to the reception rooms on the ground floor. At the same time the social and working rooms on the upper floor focus on the view, imparting a twist to the building – a contrapposto like a human figure with the hips and shoulders in slightly different directions. The glazed sections resemble holes cut out of solid copper armour plating. The structure is very robust. Concrete roof beams insulated with foam glass repose on the walls of lightweight concrete, giving a totally impervious structure beneath the skin of patinated copper. Copper ions are neutralised by crushed limestone round the foundation.



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