The Bromont Residence is a cabin-like vacation home located in the countryside of Bromont, a city in the southwestern part of Quebec, Canada. Designed by the Montreal-based Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environnement, the cozy home is clad in weathered barn wood giving it a naturally aged appearance.

Wanting to seamlessly construct the home with minimal impact on the surrounding wilderness, they chose natural and simple materials like the exterior’s barn wood cladding and kept the form rectangular.

The house is oriented such that the views look out to the surrounding forest, while at the same time the trees provide shelter from the summer sun.

The front entrance is painted in a bright blue, which modernizes the all-wood exterior.

The veranda is cantilevered into the tree-filled landscape making you feel truly one with nature.

The cathedral ceilings are covered in cedar which really warms the space up and continues the natural elements of the residence, but this time, on the inside.

Photos by Steve Montpetit, courtesy of