10 Bold, Colorful Accessories for Your Home Inspired by Ptolemy Mann’s Textile Art

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10 Bold, Colorful Accessories for Your Home Inspired by Ptolemy Mann’s Textile Art

We came across this woven textile art piece by UK-based Ptolemy Mann and fell hard for its vibrant color palette and gradient pattern. Your eyes bounce from color to color, taking special note of each color blending into the next one. The energetic hues offer a happy escape that will definitely have you seeking out anything and everything in bright, saturated colors. Since none of us will be able to take this massive piece home, we searched for some home furnishings that reflect the bold colors seen in Mann’s work. Take a look.

>>> Sottovolto Rug by Portego <<< Starting at $2745
Inspired by the water that interacts with architecture in Venice, this bold rug not only boasts geometrics in the pattern, but in the shape of the rug, also. It’s bound to liven up any room it’s placed in with its vibrant color palette and unique design.

>>> Le Cylindre Terrazzo Planter by Les Pieds de Biche <<< $60
Available in 16 colorways, this terrazzo planter packs a punch in purple with speckled chips in bright green, yellow, red, blue, pink, and black, making it perfect for those with a green thumb and a love of color.

>>> Tora Pendant Light by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms <<< $ 507
This matter ceramic pendant comes in eight colors, but we’re pretty fond of the Coral Pink as it makes its curvy silhouette pop. Cappello gives nod to Middle Eastern lanterns and antique oil lamps and finished them out in an array of candy-colored hues for a modern slant.

>>> Bud LED Lamp by innermost <<< $ 112
The Bud LED Lamp is available in six colors but Lemon really takes the cake. This compact, rechargeable lamp was designed to go with you anywhere, from a rooftop dinner to a camping trip, or even as a nightlight for your kid while they’re sleeping. With a 20 hour battery life, this lamp will become your go-to workhorse when extra light is needed.

>>> Rise Throw by DittoHouse <<< $165
DittoHouse is a master of both patterns and colors, which make their textiles super fun to decorate with. This blanket features electric lines that alternate in pink, blue, and rust on top of a navy background that will no doubt perk up any basic sofa or bed that’s in need of some energy.

>>> Printed Linen Pillow Lake Mist Blue by Michele Varian <<< $185
This 22″ square pillow stands out with a range of blues making up an abstract watercolor-like lake scene that’s printed onto the front of the linen pillow. The linen back is a solid beige and the pillow comes with a 95% feather/5% down insert.

>>> FOV Pink Wall Hooks by Hue Minimal <<< $88
Hue Minimal puts their own spin on the wall hook with a trio of funnel-shaped hooks that can be arranged on the wall into any number of configurations. Even when they’re not being used, they look pretty cool as a decorative accent on the wall.

>>> Shipwreck Brass and Wood Mobile by Tom Pigeon <<< $178
The Shipwreck Mobile is inspired by all of the colorful objects that wash ashore on local Scottish beaches, like discarded tires, sea salted wood, and bleached buoys. Each mobile is made by hand out of solid brass and ply that’s finished with a colored wax in four colors.

>>> Hide Side Table by Karoline Fesser for Hem <<< $269
Hide’s sleek, minimal design makes it the perfect universal table that you can use anywhere, including next to a bed, sofa, desk, or in a kid’s room. It easily rolls on four wheels allowing it to be moved from place to place and the design allows for your stuff to be displayed or hidden simply be wheeling it around.

>>> A Decade of Empathy print by Amber Vittoria for evermade <<< $78
This bright, limited edition print was created with special meaning behind it – as a reminder to take care of one’s emotional self and the planet, as well as encouraging one to have more empathy towards others. The vibrant colors and playful shapes (hello, rainbow!) are bound to bring a smiles to everyone who sees it.

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