10 Years Later: A Collection Marking a Decade After the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

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10 Years Later: A Collection Marking a Decade After the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

10 years after the devastating Great Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011, Sheridan Coakley Products (SCP) is collaborating with Ishinomaki Laboratory to present an exhibition of furniture designed by UK-based designers using Ishinomaki Laboratory’s product guidelines. The collaboration is part of Ishinomaki Laboratory’s “Made in Local” initiative, which allows global partners to produce Ishinomaki Laboratory products using local materials. The exhibition was on view at SCP’s Curtain Road showroom for London Design Festival 2021.

Ishinomaki Laboratory was founded immediately after the natural disaster as a public DIY workshop to help the local community restore and rebuild the city. For this collaboration, titled “10 Years Later”, 14 designs were created with the simple brief that each design needs to be made from stock board widths. All designs were made by hand at SCP’s specialist factory in Norfolk, U.K. and used the Ishinomaki Laboratory product guidelines to minimize waste, so that all the pieces can be recreated and manufactured by any Made in Local partners around the world.

coat rack

A–Rack by Oscar Coakley

wooden chair

Ishinomaki Chair by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

elongated wooden planter

Plant by Louis Devall

step stool

Stoop by Jon Harrison

storage table

Side & Hide by Alex Hellum

low wooden bench

Gym by Matthew Hilton


Birdbath by Reiko Kaneko

dining table

Frank by Sarah Kay

nesting tables

Side Tables I & O by Livia Lauber

wooden chair

Café Chair by Philippe Malouin


Shichi by Michael Marriott

side tables

Left & Right by Ilse Crawford and Oscar Peña

patio chair

Patio by Daniel Schofield

accent chair

FLW by Samuel Wilkinson

Learn more about each design at SCP.

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