2015 Gift Guide: Kids

For the children in your life… With so much focus on cheap, plastic toys, it’s nice to see that there are always other options that are just as—if not more—fun. We searched around for some great alternatives with toys that are built-to-last and more of investments instead of just another thing to throwaway in a few months. Take a look.


42-Piece Set in Sunset by Tegu \\\ $110
A large set of colorful, magnetic blocks that can connect together into any design your kid wants to create.


Primary Playon Crayon from Studio Skinky \\\ $12
Vibrant, chubby crayons that are easy for your child to hold and they can stack them when they’re done.


Wishbone 3 In 1 Bike \\\ $230
An adjustable bike that goes from a tricycle to a balance bike that then grows with your child till the age of 6.


Zebra Hobby Horse from Donna Wilson \\\ £65
A classic child’s toy that provides hours of adventures as they hope around.


Archiville by Luca Boscardin \\\ £30
A set of colorful, cardboard pieces that fit together to create houses, mountains, skyscrapers, trees, and roads.


Kids Tent from ferm LIVING \\\ $200
A simple, modern tent that folds up when playtime is over but looks great when left out for play.


Purple Tumbling Elephant from bObles \\\ $179
A functional and fun, animal-shaped toy that can be uses in a variety of ways – as a step stool, a rocking chair, a seat, or even a backrest.


Cubic Dollhouse Set \\\ $200
Give your child an introduction to modern architecture and design with this two-story dollhouse that we’d all like to live in.


Micro Cubebot Set from Areaware \\\ $60
Robot-like figures made of wood that have elastic-band muscles letting them be manipulated into different forms.


Design Letters Color Pencils \\\ $21
Featuring Arne Jacobsen’s famous typography, these neon-colored pencils not only look good, they’ll help your child remember their numbers as they write and draw.


Cloud House by Rock and Pebble \\\ $200
A dreamy, minimalist playhouse that brings a sculptural twist to child’s play.


Yoshimoto Cube No. 1 \\\ $65
A toy that was invented when the designer was looking for a way to divide a cube equally and resulted in this peculiar design that’s made up of 8 interconnected cubes that can be divided in multiple ways for hours of fun.

Caroline Williamson is Editorial Director of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.