2015 Gift Guide: Pets
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From Capree Kimball, the Managing Editor of our sister site, Dog Milk!

This holiday season, don’t forget to celebrate the fur beasts in your life! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite gifts any modern dog or cat with love.


Hand-Printed Beds from Filly Dog: Gorgeous colors and patterns set these handmade beds apart.


Mud Cloth and Vintage Textile Collars from Beast + Babe: Handmade in L.A. from a variety of incredible fabrics sourced from across the globe.


The Odin Toy from Up Dog Toys: A puzzle toy with a modern, modular design. Multiple Odins can be connected to create new challenges for your dog.


Bandanas from The Hound Collection: Your dog will be turning heads with one of these fashionable, handmade bandanas.


Super Fruit Toys from Zee Dog: Tough and durable, these treat-dispensing toys will keep your pup entertained!


Geode Food Mat from Wildebeest: Keep your floors protected from feeding time messes with a modern, water-resistant food mat.

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Wool Cat Caves from LoveCatCaves: Give your cat a warm and cozy place to cuddle up in!


Oversized Cathouse and Cat Scratcher Station from Jumbl: A place to lounge, sleep, and play!


Eat My Dust BUGS! Toy from LoveThyBeast: One word: Catnip.


Shake Cats Photography Book by Carli Davidson: Hysterical photos of cats caught mid-shake! A must-have for cat lovers young and old.