2015 Gift Guide: Her

Now for all the women in your life, here’s a mix of practical, fun, and fancy ideas that she’s bound to love. From jewelry to headphones to sunglasses, there’s a little something for every lady on your list.


Ampersand Earrings by beroep | tech \\\ $88
Give the lady in your life some unique earrings shaped in the beloved Ampersand, which represents the conjunction word “and”.


RAE Shoulder Bag by Finell \\\ $685
A geometric bag that makes a bold statement with its fractured facade.


Retro Glam Bag Gold from Michele Varian \\\ $78
A limited edition, sparkly bag that’s perfect to hold your makeup or travel essentials when you hit the road, or even as a clutch.


Brass Atelier Cuff by Dinosaur Designs \\\ $320
A bold, graphic cuff that makes the perfect statement piece for your wrist.


Hold Herb Pot by Pascal Charmolu for Sagaform \\\ $34.90
A simple planter to hold a single herb plant that lets you water the roots instead of drenching it from the top.


Totem 004 Necklace by Tom Pigeon \\\ £60.00
A muted palette of playthings made of mixed materials, like Corian marble and resin, combined to create a fun necklace.


Berezka Wooden Sunglasses by Brevno \\\ $219
A pair of shades made from a birch base that’s decorated with natural birch bark making the perfect gift.


Large Initial Gold Necklace by Gigglosophy \\\ $34
A simple, minimalist look featuring the letter of your choice hanging from a delicate gold chain.


Ocean Slate Blue cape by Cleverhood \\\ $259
A practical rain slicker that draws attention only because of its modern design and not a garish color that they normally come in.


Taylor Rose Gold & White Headphones by Frends \\\ $199.95
Sleek, stylish, and inspired by jewelry, these are headphones you don’t mind messing your hair up for.


Chevron Ring Stud Cuff Holder by Bailey Doesn’t Bark \\\ $ 48
A clever catchall to hold your rings and earrings in place so you don’t lose them.


Felt House Slippers by Umbra Shift \\\ $40
Are they slippers or are they socks? They’re both and perfect for year round.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.