2017 Gift Guide: Design Milk Everyday

By now you might be following our sister Instagram account @designmilkeveryday where we try to find interesting, unique and overall just awesome modern design that’s affordable and attainable (because let’s be honest, the best kind of the designs are the ones in your own home, right?). We’ll occasionally share a splurge or investment piece but for the most part, we do our best to source items that won’t have your wallet hurting too much after you check out and trust us, there are a lot of cool finds you’ll want to add to your shopping cart. Below are some of the most liked and most talked about items we’ve shared on Design Milk Everyday.

Enamel Pins by Hemleva \\\ $12
These enamel pins by Hemleva are calling our names (that top left one specifically/unfortunately). If you have a friend who’s nicknamed the Plant Lady, these pins would make great stocking stuffers.

Wearable Planter Pin by Wearable Planter \\\ $39
Speaking of plants, nothing would solidify someone’s label as a plant lover than wearing a mini succulent as their accessory of choice.

Peace Art Print designed by Ampersand Design Studio, available at Chasing Paper \\\ $95
Nothing says good vibes more than one of our favorite emojis which is why we think this art print deserves a place on anyone’s gallery wall.

Lunar Phase necklace by Yenchen & Yawen \\\ $70
The moon is always out when this necklace is on. It’s made of jesmonite, a type of acrylic resin, and is handmade which means every necklace is unique with definite variations.

Elephant DIY Paperlamp by OWL Paperlamps \\\ $33
These lamps are sold as a DIY papercraft kit with everything you need to add a little glow to a room (the only thing not included is an LED light bulb). We can see them standing sweetly in a nursery.

Manual Coffeemaker Nº2 by Manual \\\ $120
The pour-over method of coffee is a popular choice in the coffee world because it gives you complete control of all the variables that affect your cup of joe. For the coffee aficionado, this minimalist pour-over brewer is enough reason to wake up bright and early.

Baskets by master weavers in Bolgatanga, Ghana, available at The Baba Tree Basket Company \\\ Starts at $32
These ethically sourced African baskets add a pop of color into any indoor or outdoor space. When you head over to the site to shop, you’ll notice that each basket is photographed by the weaver who made it. That’s because 5-20% of the basket’s price goes to the weaver in addition to the compensation he/she has already received. If that wasn’t a good enough reason to shop, we don’t know what is.

Braid Cat Bed by Ohhio \\\ $89
Because your feline family members deserve some modern design goods too. Ohhio also makes dog beds and blankets (for humans, that is) in its signature braided look.

1000 Colours Puzzles by Clemens Habicht \\\ $40
This seemingly hard puzzle to complete is actually easier to put together than you think. For a tougher challenge, there’s also a massive 5000 piece edition.

Ceramic Mugs by Helen Levi for \\\ Starts at $60
In our opinion, mugs are always a crowd favorite but only when they’re handmade, truly unique, and in support of your local ceramicists.

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