2017 Gift Guide: Jewelry & Accessories

You know how much we love jewelry, I mean, we love it so much that we launched our own site, Adorn Milk to sell some of our favorite brands. Our fondness of modern jewelry always keeps us on the lookout for new pieces we secretly (and not-so-secretly) want to own and the holidays are an even better excuse to feed our love (i.e. addiction). We rounded up some cool pieces of jewelry, and a few accessories, that anyone would love to add to their collection.

Balance Bar Vignette Necklace by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio \\\ $250
Inspired by 20th century Constructivism and the Bauhaus, this sterling silver necklace is composed of moveable components that hang from a bar that can be worn vertically or horizontally, giving the wearer lots of different options.

Form E6S Ring by Phoebe Joel \\\ from $130
This three-dimensional square ring can be worn by any jewelry lover, especially those that have a fondness for minimalist, sculptural art. The geometric design comes in either blackened stainless steel or sterling silver for completely different aesthetics.

Coba Mobile Earrings by WKNDLA \\\ $240
This pair is made up of two different earrings, each balanced much like a mobile. The organic forms are wrapped with cobalt and blush thread and resemble the work of Henri Matisse and Jean Arp.

Quadra Bracelet by KONZUK \\\ $180
Inspired by the Bauhaus, this bold, square bracelet features a dome filled with diamond dust infused concrete. The contrasting black concrete makes the diamond dust sparkle in the concave dome as the light hits it for additional delight.

Bracelet Flask by Object & Totem for Areaware \\\ $35
For a cool $35, you can give the gift of double duty – a bracelet that doubles as a flask. The wearable porcelain ring conveniently holds a shot of liquor for when your loved one needs to sneak a drink.

Interval 01-AR/V Watch by INSTRMNT and The Arrivals \\\ $275
The Arrivals partnered with design studio INSTRMNT to create this minimalist, matte black watch that comes complete with The Arrivals’ signature grommet detail on the leather band. The sleek timepiece would work on just about anyone’s wrist.

Square 4 Concrete Cufflinks by Material Immaterial Studio \\\ $85
We’ve long been fans of this brand’s concrete goods and think they make the perfect unique gift. We’re especially fond of their concrete cufflinks that play with light and shadow within the small architectural design. While they may be small, they’re definitely attention grabbing.

Divinity 01 Sunglasses by Moooi and Gentle Monster \\\ $240
When you think of Moooi, you probably haven’t thought about eyewear, have you? Well, the Dutch design brand has partnered with Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster to launch the Third Eye Collection, sunglasses inspired by Egyptian hieroglyphic drawings where the ‘O’ symbol connected to the human eye.

Dookie Chain in Buttercream Frosting by Yokoo \\\ $80
Besides having a follow-worthy Instagram account, Yokoo knits the coolest textiles, ones you won’t tire of before the end of winter. We all know scarves are a popular gift, but that doesn’t mean you have to bore the recipient with your average flat fabric scarf. These chunky chain scarves will not only keep your people warm, they’re fun to wear and will definitely get you noticed on the street.

Pocket Mini Leather Wallet by Bellroy \\\ $100
Available in four colors, this square wallet is practical for those people that only like to carry around a few cards and a little cash. Perfectly pocket-sized, the thin wallet makes carrying the essentials around that much sweeter.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.