2018 Gift Guide: Art

Art is such a wonderful gift to give someone, especially for someone who might not buy it for themselves, whether they see it as an extravagance or they just can’t afford it. Whatever the reason, having someone thoughtfully select a piece of art out for them is pretty special and most definitely unforgettable. Read on to see a variety of types of art, from prints, sculptures, figures, and paintings, all pieces most anyone would love to own.

Anyon x Elyse Graham – Nicasio Vase \\\ $1250
Part of the Blithe Collection, this resin and plaster vase is a one-of-a-kind, as is all of Graham’s handmade work. The faceted exterior displays shades of lavender while the interior pops with a bright yellow making for a beautiful and unique display piece.

Eames House Exterior Photography Print by Charles Eames \\\ Starting at $35
Taken by Charles Eames himself in the early 1950s, the photo shows the south side of the Eames House with the front door and reflections of the trees all through his perspective. Plus you can customize it by choosing the type of paper and size of the print, as well as have it professionally framed.

Teak Duck & Duckling Model Set by Hans Bølling for ARCHITECTMADE \\\ $238
Based on a headline-making story from 1959 in Copenhagen where a family of ducks crossed a busy street during rush hour traffic, this adorable pair of figures is handmade from solid teakwood making for a charming yet whimsical display on any shelf or tabletop.

David Hockney. A Bigger Book. Signed Limited Edition from TASCHEN \\\ $2500
For the ultimate Hockney or modern art fan, this massive illustrated book spans over 600 pages revisiting more than 60 years of work, from teenage years through his 1960s breakout in London to LA pools in the 1970s to most recent works of portraits, iPad drawings and landscapes. This limited collector’s edition even comes with a Marc Newson bookstand for display.

U.S.A. Song Map Print from Dorothy \\\ £30
Dorothy has a way of cleverly giving maps a new purpose. This particular one is a fun, vintage style map featuring over 1,000 songs that will take you through a musical journey across the United States by using songs with states, cities, rivers, mountains, and landmarks in the title. Don’t let the £ price scare you as they ship internationally!

Farnsworth House by Chisel & Mouse \\\ $1550
It doesn’t get much more iconic than the Farnsworth House and this plaster wood 3D printed model is a super fun replica for any architecture lover. The model weighs approximately 17.5 lbs. and measures 11″ deep by 18.5″ wide making it a hefty and impressive model for display.

Training Mission #241 painting by Michael Moncibaiz \\\ $150
While slight in size at a mere 8″ x 6″ x 1.5″, this gouache, acrylic, and graphite piece packs a beautiful punch with shades of yellow, white, and black in a minimalist composition that will add seriously visual interest to any empty spot on the wall.

Open Eye Object by MQuan \\\ $290
The eye has long been a symbol for protection and visual insight and this hand-painted ceramic eye makes the perfect piece for someone to add to their home with its storied past.

Columbia Cargo Print by Jorey Hurley \\\ $249
A minimalist print that still evokes a playful sense of wonder with its hand-drawn blue lines that feel as if the boat and water are actually moving along. It’s soft but graphic making it a visually pleasing piece for anyone’s collection.

Ole AP/50 (2016) by Stephen Ormandy \\\ AUD $1000
And last but not least, a piece that surely holds its own with a bold color palette and organic shapes that Ormandy is so famous for. This limited edition fine art reproduction is a more affordable option for those who can’t afford an original painting but want to own his vibrant work.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.