2018 Gift Guide: Jewelry & Accessories

Our latest gift guide shares something we love dearly – jewelry. We love it so much that we created our own jewelry site, Adorn Milk, where we carry all kinds of architecturally-inspired jewelry that we have a hard time resisting. That said, we love sharing modern jewelry, plus accessories, we love in case you know anyone that falls into that same category. So, here are 10 gift suggestions for anyone you know that might like to receive jewelry (or an accessory) this holiday season.

TID Watch No. 3 \\\ $145
A MoMA exclusive, this watch features a clear case with a face and strap that match giving it a seamless look. It comes in five monochromatic colors and one with a contrasting black band and white face, all perfectly classic for a clean, minimalist look.

Ennis House Cufflinks \\\ $65
Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House designed in 1923, these cufflinks feature a sophisticated graphic pattern in neutral colored enamel that would give any architecture lover a bit of fun history to wear during special events.

Yayoi Kusama Love Forever Dots Umbrella \\\ $26
A great way to make a bold statement on a dreary day. This transparent umbrella features Kusama’s iconic red or blue dots along with a LOVE FOREVER illustration and a playful curved handle for holding.

Square Bracelet by Daniela Barone Jewelry \\\ $200
Handmade in brass and plated in 18K gold, this bracelet is so simple yet it makes a huge statement with its flat, oversized shape to perfectly embod maximum minimalism.

Constellation Crystal Earrings by Amarilo \\\ $225
Give that special, astrology-loving someone a pair of earrings that represent their zodiac sign. Each 10K gold pair has a Swarovski crystal stud and a zodiac constellation earring for a whimsical look that also has meaning.

EDC Keychain Kit by horsebrandco \\\ $55
This keychain features a handy bottle opener and utility knife, each hand-stamped along with a decorative brass tag. Made of durable carbon steel, the kit is based on the traditional Japanese kiridashi knife, which is a multipurpose knife with a slanted blade, making it beautiful and functional.

Soto Earrings by Lynne MacLachlan Studio \\\ $100
These 3D printed, nylon-dyed, disc-shaped earrings create fun Moire patterns as the wearer moves their head. They come in three bold colors as well as black so you can make the gift even more personal by selecting their favorite color.

Case Study No. 8 Eames House Pin by Mid Mod Pin \\\ $12
Whether you know someone that’s a pin collection, Eames lover, or architecture fan, this enamel pin offers a super fun reproduction of an iconic piece of mid-century architecture that anyone would love to wear around.

Amplitude Sterling Silver Necklace by Vanessa Gade \\\ $156
You can always count of jewelry designer Vanessa Gade to create really beautiful and unique necklaces that stop people in their tracks. This piece is no exception with its threaded chain interacting with the pendant that results in a striking yet minimalist necklace.

Gold Thin Ring in Rose Gold by Nervous System \\\ $600
As with all of Nervous System’s jewelry, this ring is inspired by complex cellular forms in nature and features an open structure that’s made with 3D printing technology and wax casting. It not only looks cool, it’s got an interesting story behind it that can be told whenever someone inquires about it.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.