2018 Gift Guide: Travel

Whether you’re going away for the weekend, heading on a flight out of the country, or taking a staycation in nature, there are always little ways to make traveling somewhat easier, more enjoyable, or that much more efficient. I truly believe packing is half the battle and half the joy of traveling – it marks the exciting start of your next trip, which can be anxiety-inducing if you don’t have everything you need! While these next 10 gift ideas aren’t mandatory must-haves, they’re perfect for anyone in your life who might have an adventure coming up, whether they have a perpetual case of wanderlust or just like to travel once a year.

Take My Picture Tee by Keep Exploring \\\ $25
For the person in your life who would rather stay in a tent than in a hotel, or would rather star gaze than do spa days, this t-shirt probably explains their travel mantra perfectly.

Clarity Travel Pouches & Bags by Truffle \\\ From $40
There’s a reason why Truffle’s products sell out. Their eco- and TSA-friendly bags help make your in-transit moments easier since you can see your belongings. There are enough things to worry about when traveling – making sure you packed everything you need shouldn’t be one of them!

Personalized Leather Travel Wallet with Charger by Stow \\\ $280
Identification and staying charged: these are my two utmost important priorities when on the go. This travel wallet is big enough to store your passport and travel documents, as well as your phone, e-reader or the included Stow charger.

Bordeaux Leather Duffle by Age Carriers \\\ $509.95
For weekend getaways, this leather duffle hand-crafted in California is a stylish option that will gain a beautiful patina over time.

Ovi Trolley by Mima \\\ $150
If your kids insist on pushing their own luggage, let them push away with this minimalist, egg-shaped luggage that features a leatherette cover for easy maintenance.

Travel Steamer by Rowenta \\\ $45
Yes, packing clothes that are wrinkle resistant is indeed smart packing but why limit yourself to such a wardrobe when traveling? While it may not look super sleek, this Rowenta travel steamer is reliable, heats up fast, and only weighs 1.6 lbs. – well worth the space in your carry-on if it means expanding your wardrobe option, in my opinion!

Backpack by Away \\\ $195
By now you’ve probably heard me wax poetic about my Away luggages. They’ve since expanded their line to include travel-friendly bags including this backpack that has two features I love: a hidden pocket on the back for your passport (aka your most important essential) and a strap to easily slide over the handle of your luggage (unlike other bags that inevitably always need readjusting as you’re pushing your suitcase through the airport).

Headphones by Kreafunk \\\ From $45
Whether you prefer earphones or headphones, some sort of listening accessory to tune out the dull hum of the plane or an excuse to halt the conversation with your chatty seat mate is a must. I’m a fan of Danish lifestyle brand Kreafunk for their minimalist and streamlined designs.

Reversible Ostrich Travel Pillow by Ali Ganjavian and Key Kawamura \\\ $45
Travel pillows are meant to look a little bulky, I suppose, because they’re supposed to be supportive yet plush so that you can get some extra z’s on the plane. This travel pillow is a slimmer alternative that can be used as an eye mask/head pillow or a neck support if you’re in the dreaded middle seat. The silicone micro-beads block light, offer structure, and reduce sound, making your flight a little bit more enjoyable no matter which seat you’re in.

City Guides by Cereal Magazine \\\ $16
If you’re traveling to London, Paris or New York, Cereal published three city guides this year that will take you on a road less traveled. These beautifully shot guidebooks focus on a thoughtful, well-curated way to experience each city.

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