2018 Year in Review: Unframed

Each month of the year, Design Milk’s resident art expert David Behringer frequents every gallery in New York City to see what the modern art world has to offer. He shares the best exhibitions and shows and gives his unique perspective on each while giving everyone bird’s eye views of the work. In case you missed any of these shows, we’re sharing them all below so you can enjoy a visual dive back into the art he covered in our Unframed column in 2018.

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2018 Year in Review: Unframed

The Shadow Photographs of Wang Ningde
A look at Wang Ningle’s show that shared a hybrid of mediums – it’s simultaneously photography, sculpture, and perhaps even film.

Detail of “The Risen Christ” by Andreas Frosch. Donauwörth, Bavaria, Germany. c. 1520

Medieval Art… A Contemporary Experience
We took a look at an unexpected collision (and rare treat) that happened at the center of the contemporary art world: Medieval Art.

Gustavo Dia

9 Incredible Objects from Armory Art Fair Week
New York City hosted the annual “Armory Art Fair Week” – a four day race (literally running) to view over 600 galleries spread across 8 fairs and we checked it out.

Installation view of Mariko Mori: Invisible Dimension at Sean Kelly, New York

The Gravity-Shifting Sculptures of Mariko Mori
Mariko Mori’s exhibition “Invisible Dimension”, was on view earlier this year at Sean Kelly Gallery, where 7 new sculptures that push the boundaries of new materials, techniques, and far-out scientific theories were presented.

Brier Patch, 2018 (detail)

Unfinished: The Sculpture of Hugh Hayden
New York-based sculptor Hugh Hayden debuted his first New York solo show and it was on view at White Columns earlier this year and it required a close look… carefully.

Things, 2017 © Urs Fischer, photo by Stefan Altenburger

Urs Fischer’s Aluminum Rhinoceros Baffles Midtown Manhattan
Find out why Design Milk thought Urs Fischer’s unbelievable full-size replica of a rhinoceros-turned-porcupine that occupied a glass-encased corner of Midtown Manhattan was not about the rhino.

Grant Worth, Season’s Premier 2018

4 Stellar Artworks in NYC This Summer
Design Milk’s David Behringer shared his top four art picks in NYC this past summer that were 100% worth visiting on your lunch break.

Martin Creed, Work No. 1190: Half the air in a given space, 2011

Claustrophobic Balloons and a Multilingual Parrot: A Summer of Interactive Art
This past summer, two group exhibitions in New York hid some serious surprises. The first, titled “The Party” on the 3rd floor of Anton Kern Gallery in Midtown included a gifted parrot and a room full of balloons.

Liza Lou, Classification and Nomenclature of Clouds. Lehmann Maupin, New York, 2018

Beads Become Clouds: The Art of Liza Lou
New beaded sculptures by L.A. artist Liza Lou were on view at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York. These may have been the most intricate and mesmerizing contemporary artworks this past fall… and that’s before you find out how they’re made.

Fixer, 2018

The Ceramic Sculptures of Kathy Butterly
Kathy Butterly’s beautiful and odd sculptures were the result of a literal manipulation of traditional ceramic forms and new work titled “Thought Presence”, was on view at James Cohan Gallery in New York, which presented 24 new vessels that demanded a full 360-degree exploration.

Unidentified 2a, 2018 (detail)

The “Interwoven” Photographs of Kyle Meyer
Kyle Meyer’s photographs are arrestingly beautifully, but the strategy of weaving real colorful fabric with each image holds a greater meaning for each sitter: freedom of expression and anonymity.

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