2019 Gift Guide: Accessories

Accessories are some of the easiest gifts to give because unlike clothes or jewelry, one size fits all most of the time! For our latest gift guide, we’re rounding up some of our accessories including bags, enamel pins, bandanas, and more. Practical and stylish, these items will surely be appreciated by the lucky recipient.

Weekender Bag by Moop \\\ $173
The perfect gift, in our opinion, is this weekender bag along with two plane tickets for a spontaneous weekend getaway. This one is sized to fit under the airplane seat so you won’t have to worry about lost baggage, just where to go for your next journey.

Roll Pack by QWSTION \\\ $340
Sometimes you underestimate how much you actually schlep on the go. This multipurpose bag solves that problem. It features a versatile design that can adapt to its content due to the flexible roll top closure, so you can fit more or less of what you bring on the daily.

Mini Macrame Oil Diffuser by Wildflower Fibers \\\ $12
For a gift that’s budget-friendly for a group of recipients (like coworkers or all your extended uncles + aunts), this macrame oil diffuser is a fun gift to give. With a few drops of essential oil on the wooden ring, it acts as a natural diffuser. Add some peppermint oil to it and tell your recipient to add it to their keychain as a mid-day aromatherapeutic mood booster.

Blok Scarf by Studio Vicariously \\\ $224
Nothing feels as luxurious as cashmere and with colder temperatures on the horizon, this silk and cashmere scarf is a cozy accessory that will keep the recipient both warm and stylish with its modern, minimal print.

Matter Shoulder Bag by AR.M \\\ $220
Your minimalist friend would appreciate this shoulder bag. Though minimal, it surprisingly makes a very bold statement with its simple, graphic design.

Elle Bandana by MINNA \\\ $75
Handwoven by women artisans in Coban, Guatemala, these bandanas are a simple, fuss-free accessory for everyday wear or for your outdoorsy friend who would appreciate it for its multi-use function.

Bedford Belt Bag by Graf Lantz \\\ $178
We’re glad the fanny pack trend is still around because it has given rise to modern iterations like this one. It is spacious enough to hold larger items like cell phones and wallets but compact enough to wear at your waistline.

Mini Leather Organizer Set by Cuyana \\\ $180
For the jet-setter in your life, something as functional as an organizer set like this one is so nice to have instead of a bunch of mismatched cases. It also fits perfectly into the leather jewelry case for a very #oddlysatisfying sight to see.

Mountain Bucket Bag by TRICOTÉ \\\ $258
We love this bag for its patterned design and decorative wooden balls. The bag is constructed with TRICOTÉ’s rigid and durable knitted fabric with a water repellent finish, so you won’t have to worry about babying it while you’re out and about.

MS Paint Enamel Pin by Studio Cult \\\ $20
Enamel pins are just fun to give and this one by Studio Cult makes us so nostalgic. We love their other pins too, like WordArt, Minesweeper, and the dreaded Frozen Cursor.

As the Senior Contributing Editor, Vy Yang is obsessed with discovering ways to live well + with intention through design. She's probably sharing what she finds over on Instagram stories. You can also find her at