2019 Gift Guide: Modern Art

Blink and it will be December before you know it which means gift giving shifts to the top of most of our to-do lists. Sure, you can gift someone a sweater or a tie but is that something they really want? Dive a little deeper and more thoughtful with the gift of art. Art doesn’t always make it onto someone’s priority list so what better gift to give them than something they wouldn’t buy for themselves. We’ve rounded up 10 modern art gifts in the form of prints, wall art, and sculptures that anyone on your list would love to receive.

Moon Wall Art 16″ by Bronsen \\\ $600
While you can’t give someone the stars, you can give them the moon… er, a beautiful, sculptural moon to mount on the wall. This handmade moon floats off the wall with its hand textured and painted surface that will definitely evoke happy thoughts and out of this world dreams for any space lover.

Modular Art Piece (Set of 2) by Bend Goods \\\ $95
Put creativity into the hands of the recipient with these Modular Art pieces from Bend Goods. You pick from Curved or Straight sets of two in any of five colors, and let them customize the pieces into any configuration they desire. The sets can be mixed and matched, as can the color, to create their very own piece of art.

Jenny Holzer Protect Me Tea Towel by Tate \\\ £17.50
This may seem like a simple tea towel but this one is adorned with the words of artist Jenny Holzer. It can always be used as a tea towel but with a little extra money it could be framed and turned into a piece of art. It’s an inexpensive way to turn something simple into a piece of custom art!

Interlacing Hexagon Portal by Ben Medansky \\\ $3800
This piece by Ben Medansky spans an impressive 14.5″ wide by 22″ which means its interlocking geometric presence will make a bold impression. The ceramic sculpture looks different from every angle with one side featuring a rusty red color and the rest a milky white glaze.

Hazy Sun 01 Designer Poster by Paper Collective x All The Way to Paris \\\ $49
A collaboration between Scandinavian Studio All The Way to Paris and Paper Collective with Danish design brand Menu, this eye-catching poster features a muted rainbow gradient of the brightening sky. The impressionistic take on a hazy sky would make the perfect addition to anyone’s blank wall.

Element Kraft print by Tom Pigeon \\\ $62
This bold, graphic print by Tom Pigeon is screen printed with black geometric shapes on traditional brown Kraft paper. The striking composition and neutral color palette would work for just about any decor, especially those preferring their artwork sans color.

Open Mountains by Jason Bauer and Romina Gonzales \\\ $580
With finger-like peaks and valleys, this unique glass sculpture can be presented on its flat bottom or floating on the tips of the mountains. The vibrant Yves Klein blue color and organic shape will make the piece pop on any surface and its sliced off side brings an openness that adds visual intrigue.

Ara 311, View 1 print by Matthew Shlian x Tim Saccenti \\\ from $90
If you have a friend or family member that appreciates precision, the work of paper engineer Matthew Shlian is one to check out. His intricate work combines folds and creases that result in mesmerizing paper sculptures. Some of those works were photographed and are now offered as limited edition digital prints from Ghostly allowing people to acquire Shlian’s highly coveted work at affordable prices.

Opportunity for Reflection (Yellow) by Chad Kouri \\\ $500
Uprise Art created a limited edition series where they paired artists with Brooklyn print studios. One of those collaborations is from artist Chad Kouri whose bright, vibrant design is finished with silver leaf foil and ready to hang as it comes already framed in white.

Enoki Wall Sculpture by Element Clay Studio \\\ $375
This botanical-inspired wall sculpture is a one-of-a-kind design that’s bound to entice lots of stares. Crafted from fine porcelain clay, each mushroom stem is painstakingly sculpted by hand making no two sculptures alike.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.