2023 Shaw Contract Design Awards Best of Region Winners + Looking Ahead to 2024!

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2023 Shaw Contract Design Awards Best of Region Winners + Looking Ahead to 2024!

We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the Best of Globe Winners of Shaw Contract’s 2023 Design Awards, and now we’re turning the spotlight to shine on the 39 Best of Region Winners. Selected from more than 650 submissions and spanning 40 countries, a diverse panel of judges from around the world meticulously analyzed each project. These are the multiple winners chosen as the best of the best in each region represented: Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Greater China, India, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, UK & Continental Europe, and USA. Each project optimistically invents spaces that intentionally – and unintentionally – inspire new ways of working, learning, healing, and thriving. This type of design mindset gives way to how the industry as a whole can positively impact the communities and environments that surround us all.

Seen above is one of the Best of UK & Continental Europe winners, “Hudson River Trading (HRT) is a quantitative trading firm with over 900 employees across six countries. The firm partnered with us to create an office in London that supports collaborative work and reflects HRT’s culture and identity. Hudson River Trading’s culture is focused on people who love what they do. So, for its office design in London, we kept branding subtle and focused on designing for people.”

See and experience all 39 Best of Region Winners in the short video below!

The Shaw Contract Design Awards give us reason to celebrate international designers who share the brand’s commitment to creating a positive impact on all interiors. Over the years, we’ve seen numerous examples of how design can transform these spaces and enrich lives as a result, inspiring us all along the way.

With the 18th annual Design Awards now behind us, the focus turns to 2024! What will next year’s competition hold? More of the best work from conscientious designers who uphold Shaw Contract’s ideals of Material Health, Circular Economy, Carbon Impact and Diversity, and Equity and Inclusion. The 2024 Shaw Contract Design Awards will open submissions soon, submit this form to be notified!

white and blue commercial interior space with seating an a blue car

Edsel B Ford II Experience Center by Ghafari Associates, Dearborn, Michigan, United States, Best of USA Winner \\\ Photo: Garrett Rowland

“The Ford Experience Center is the embodiment of Ford’s leadership role in the future of mobility and their data and human science-driven approach to workplace design: a place where visitors can experience the company’s future by seeing, feeling, and being. It feels as innovative and rich as the company story and energizes everyone present with the brand’s clear visual impact.”

styled indoor commercial seating area with neutral chairs and sofas, two round coffee tables, and a feature wall using square blocks of lighting

Ministry of Tourism HQ, KSA by Allen Architecture Interiors Design (AAID), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Best of Middle East & Africa Winner \\\ Photo: N/A

“The Ministry of Tourism Office project in Riyadh has positively impacted both people and the planet through the power of design. The design venture of this project aimed to align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and create a workspace that caters to the needs of a large number of employees and visitors.”

large styled interior commercial space

Coordinador Electrico Nacional by OARQUITECTOS, Santiago, Chile, Best of Latin America \\\ Photo: Juan Francisco Vargas

“The company in charge of coordinating the distribution of energy throughout Chile decided to regroup in one place after years of being fragmented in different locations in the city of Santiago… We had to promote the union of the company, however, the most important thing for us as architects was to combine technology with improving the quality of life within this space, lowering cortisol levels (stress hormone), lowering anxiety, and building a space where collaboration, the healthiest types of groups, and balance are promoted.”

interior commercial lounge space with white furniture, large windows, and greenery

Naelofar Office by SWOT Design Group, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Best of Asia Winner \\\ Photo: David Yeow

“Naelofar, a brand re-known for Muslim modest-wear has grown exponentially in the recent five years. They intended to move to a new office space of over 7,000 square feet with a bright facade to provide a more welcoming environment for staff and to better convey their brand… the interior design aimed to capture the essence of nurturing relationships, with a space that is polished and creative, whilst also conveying the brand’s professional and personalized approach.”

interior gathering space with large windows and lots of seating

Pfizer, Inc. by Steven Leach & Associates, Hong Kong, China, Best of Greater China Winner \\\ Photo: Steven Ko

“[The] Pfizer Hong Kong office is located in one of Hong Kong’s prime CBD, Quarry Bay, it is prepared to continuously deliver pharmaceutical solutions driven by science. Alongside the new logo, many of Pfizer’s core values are also integrated into the new office design. In addition, to deepen a sense of local community, unique local elements are subtly incorporated throughout the new office.”

styled commercial dining space with white tablecloth covered tables, upholstered olive green dining chairs, and greenery

Riley’s Fish & Steak by Daniel Meloché Design, Vancouver, Canada, Best of Canada Winner \\\ Photo: Heather Merenda

“Riley’s Fish & Steak took over a previously rundown restaurant space located beside the cruise ship harbor of downtown Vancouver, surrounded by hotels, office towers, and convention centers. Our goal was to be as environmentally-friendly as possible with designing this new restaurant concept.”

interior commercial gathering space in hot pink, yellow, and blue

Bosch Pune by adrianse*, Bengaluru, India, Best of India Winner \\\ Photo: Prajwal S + Rizwan

“Changing the mindset from a traditional work culture to agile ways of working was a big achievement for us. Multiple stakeholders, engagements, and alignment were streamlined [throughout].”

two people sit an interior space styled with navy blue sofas, red "bleachers" and a coffee table

Newmont by Rezen Studio, Perth, Australia, Best of Australia Winner \\\ Photo: Jack Lovel

“As the world’s leading gold miner, Newmont is widely recognized for its principled environmental, social, and governance practices. The Newmont workplace reflects the culture and aspirations of the business and is a functional, flexible, and forward-looking tenancy for the future that supports a ‘remote first’ approach.”

Explore all 39 Best of Region winners in the short video above, or visit to learn more!

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