3D Print Your Own Color Customized Print+ Headphones

If you’re going to wear a pair of big, over-the-ear headphones, why not choose…or better yet, make a pair that reflects your color preferences and fashion sense. Print+ – an offshoot of Norwegian small product design studio form + function – has developed a DIY audio headphone kit which allows customers to customize their audio hear much like a pair of Nike iD sneakers, except the end user is responsible for printing out and assembling the components together.

The Print+ DIY headphone kit delivers a pair of 40mm speakers, ear cushions, sound seals, the headband, and an audio cable. You bring the 3D printer – or send your project off to a local 3D printer service – and then turn these separate components by yourself into your very own headphones. Everything is designed to snap into place, so there’s no need for tools, glue, or soldering.

Print-Plus-DIY project








There are 3 housing styles to choose from, but otherwise the project seems like a fun and customizable beginner’s DIY project to gift an inquisitive and music loving teen or young adult. Purchase a kit or download the 3D printing files for free over at the Print+ Kickstarter page.

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