3D Print Your Very Own BMW Vision M NEXT Sports Car

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3D Print Your Very Own BMW Vision M NEXT Sports Car

The BMW Vision M NEXT is an electric sports car concept designed with an assumption in mind: that even in the coming epoch of autonomous vehicles, the BMW enthusiast will always retain a strong appreciation for the thrill and satisfaction of hands-on driving. Drawing inspiration from the air-cutting, wedge-shaped silhouette of the BMW Turbo and groundbreaking BMW i8 plug-in hybrid, the dynamic silhouette can be yours today for free – in miniature – if you happen to have a 3D printer on hand.

BMW is inviting anyone with a 3D printer to download 3D printing data to recreate the low-slung silhouette of their evocative sports car. The output can be scaled and is only limited by the size of your printer. But the resulting model won’t capture some of our favorite details, like BMW Vision M NEXT’s gullwing doors and shockingly bright orange rear exterior (aka a matte-neon shade called, Thrilling Orange).

From Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design:

The BMW Vision M NEXT provides a glimpse into the future of sporty driving. Where the BMW Vision iNEXT illustrated how autonomous driving is set to transform life on board our vehicles, the BMW Vision M NEXT demonstrates how state-of-the-art technology can also make the experience of driving yourself purer and more emotionally engaging. In both models, the focus is firmly on the people inside. Design and technology make the ‘EASE’ and ‘BOOST’ experiences more natural and more intense.

BMW’s signature kidney grill is recreated with laser-wire technology on the headlights, a reinterpretation of BMW’s classic four-eyed face.

Noting not everyone has access to their own 3D printer, BMW has also made available an interesting aural alternative to experience the BMW Vision M NEXT, offering the unique engineered sound of their all-electric vehicle. Created by Hollywood film composer Hans Zimmer and BMW sound designer Renzo Vitale, the BMW Vision M NEXT boost sound evokes a sense of acceleration and energy unique to the instant torque speed of an electric vehicle and could make for an interesting ring or notification tone.

You can download the sound file for Boost+ Mode here.

The two-tone paint finish is a combination of Cast Silver Metallic and Thrilling Orange, a color tandem highlighted by the vehicle’s gullwing doors.

Acknowledging generations of car enthusiasts have plastered their walls with car posters, BMW is also offering a poster print file to download intended for large format color printing. Download here.

For more information and additional wallpaper downloads of the BMW Vision M NEXT, check out their website dedicated to this design study of BMW’s electrified prospective.

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