3form Teams Up With Gensler for a New Globally-Inspired Pattern Collection

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3form Teams Up With Gensler for a New Globally-Inspired Pattern Collection

Award-winning manufacturer 3form introduces the Global Expressions Collection, their first collaboration with Gensler, serving as product design consultant. Combining each company’s expertise in design research and innovation, Global Expressions celebrates the power of design with six globally-inspired patterns for commercial interiors. The collection honors some of the world’s most enduring cultures by drawing inspiration from their traditional textiles. Global Expressions’ colors, shapes, materials, and techniques demonstrate the ways these global cultures find healing and togetherness through artistry. Designed for 3form’s signature Varia resin and etched glass, the collection offers material resilience with long-lasting applications in high-traffic environments.

etched glass space divider with an armchair

Kuba Etch \\\ Iltuo in Architectural Bronze

3form has joined forces with artisans around the world for more than a decade to encapsulate intricate materials in durable translucent resin and transpose ornate patterns onto precision etched glass. This collaboration with Gensler offered 3form the opportunity to bring an architectural perspective to a new line of globally-inspired patterns. After meeting over a year ago to conceptualize the collection, Gensler drew from their international organization to shape ideas that would ultimately become Global Expressions. Once Gensler presented their ideas to 3form, the manufacturer was able to seamlessly transpose the vision onto stunning translucent repeats.

“Working with Gensler was such a unique opportunity to harness their vision and experience,” says 3form’s VP of Design, Christian Darby. “Because of their international presence, they have an interesting global perspective we drew on throughout the collection’s development.”

etched glass space divider with two chairs and a plant

Shibori Etch \\\ Iltuo in Pebble Gray Matte

The six patterns that make up Global Expressions – Kente, Yakan, Jakar, Shibori, Kuba, and Ochre – reinterpret traditional weft techniques, material dyeing processes, and brocades through asymmetrical grids, faded corners, and intersecting shapes. Shibori’s faded edges represent an ancient Japanese tie-dyeing method, while Kuba reimagines traditional handcrafted designs in an irregular gridded repeat. Unified by geometric shapes, these patterns demonstrate the connections between cultures from all sides of the globe.

“While each pattern is distinctly individual, there are wonderful similarities in geometry and scale that allow them to be mixed, as well as used independently,” says Scott Star, Gensler Director of Product Development and Co-Global Practice Area Leader. “And the graphic nature of the textile patterns complements the built environment beautifully.”

etched glass space divider with two chairs and a plant

Shibori Etch \\\ Iltuo in Pebble Gray Matte

Global Expressions’ translucent Varia and etched glass amplify natural light with depth, shadow, and texture. Applicable as wall panels, dividers, reception desk wraps, signage, and more, the patterns bring a world of possibilities to commercial projects. Varia is available in curated color pairings from 3form’s 2022 Color Collection, featuring mossy greens, deep blues, cool grays, and sandy golds that evoke a sense of calm and serenity derived from nature. 3form’s Varia resin is available in 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ panels, with 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ gauges, and a two-week lead time. Global Expressions is also available in clear float or low iron glass, with a maximum panel size of 4’x10’, and 5/16″, 7/16″, 9/16″, 13/16″, or 1 1/16″ gauges.

Order samples today to see in person how the Global Expressions collection can take your commercial projects to the next level of design and beyond.

detail image of etched glass

Jakar Etch Iltuo in Slate Gray Matte

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