5 Iconic Prints Expand the Herman Miller Archival Poster Collection

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5 Iconic Prints Expand the Herman Miller Archival Poster Collection

History often repeats itself, but the implications of iconic design re-entering the zeitgeist are favorable to the human race. Herman Miller – the home furnishings brand, pioneer in ergonomic craft, and purveyor of timeless design – expands their nostalgic Archival Poster Collection with the introduction of five historical pieces by industry-leading artists, which includes Barbara Loveland, Linda Powell, Tomoko Miho, John Massey, and Steve Frykholm, hailing from the in-house graphics team. With posters hot off the press, the revival is a rigorous visual study celebrating the boldness, texture, and tactility indicative of the design sensibilities spanning 1960 to 1981. And they will join the ranks of vintage prints from 1949 through 1979 that were made collectible in 2021 and 2023.

Graphic poster featured in an office setting.

The Wilkes Modular Sofa Group Poster \\\ Designed by Barbara Loveland in 1981

“These additions to our archival poster program reflect the longstanding abstract graphic quality of Herman Miller’s approach to corporate communications. It’s exciting to give new context and life to this work,” says Amy Auscherman, Director, Archives and Brand Heritage at Herman Miller. “Designers Tomoko Miho, Barb Loveland, and John Massey all drew inspiration from the abstract and op-art movements of the sixties. From catalog covers to environmental enrichment for office walls, the importance of good design at Herman Miller has long extended beyond the products themselves.”

Two graphic posters featured in an office setting.

Herman Miller Brochure Cover Posters \\\ Designed by Tomoko Miho from 1960-1962

The five offerings feature reproductions faithful to the originals, reconstituted in full detail on 100% cotton paper, and framed in American maple with a clear, white, or black finish. What’s more, the framed options are mounted to float in the frame, enhancing their depth when displayed. An embossed logo on the poster’s reverse certifies authenticity. The selection is available online in the US and Canada through Herman Miller, with the Brochure Cover Poster coming later this spring.

Graphic poster pattern.

Graphic poster pattern.

Graphic poster pattern.

Herman Miller Brochure Cover Poster

During her four-year tenure, designer Tomoko Miho brought visual coherence to Herman Miller’s corporate collateral, graphics, and identity system. From 1960 to 1962, she created several iterations of price lists and brochure covers that featured a highly stylized interpretation of the company’s logo. Saturated in retro hues, the bold colors accentuate an otherwise reserved geometry.

Graphic brochure poster pattern.

Ideas Poster

Print will never die and the immortalized cover of Ideas magazine, an in-house publication from Herman Miller with a quarterly run spanning 1978 to 1982, proves just that. This artifact is a celebration of Linda Powell’s 1978 design for the front cover of the company’s leadership-focused specifier. It is also an homage to a time of exponential growth and change for office culture.

Graphic poster pattern.

Action Office 2 Poster

John Massey played a significant role in establishing Herman Miller’s corporate identity. Imbued with a spirit of idealism, playfulness, and some Swiss design sensibility, his work is representative of a sharply designed style – one that was paramount for the company’s global brand recognition. The Action Office 2 Poster commemorates Massey’s monumental contribution.

Modular sofa poster pattern.

Wilkes Modular Sofa Group Poster

In 1981, Herman Miller’s in-house graphic design team contributed to an internal project affectionately referred to as “The Big Book,” which featured a series of 44 black-and-white diazo-print posters. Barbara Loveland designed this illustration to showcase the Wilkes Modular Sofa’s inherent modularity while articulating its quirky rounded edges inspired by Chiclet gum.

Modular sofa poster pattern.

Chadwick Modular Seating Poster

Also part of “The Big Book” used to showcase the breadth and depth of Herman Miller’s portfolio, Steve Frykholm contributed the Chadwick Modular Seating illustration. The drawing shows a top-down view of an inventive configuration of the namesake sofa, which turns, winds, and zigzags around the composition. This also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the seating option this year.

Starting at $245, posters available for purchase now include Ideas, Action Office 2, Wilkes Modular Sofa Group, and Chadwick Modular Seating. The Herman Miller Brochure Cover series will be available later this spring. To explore entire collection visit

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