7 Products From Autentico Showcase Pugliese Design Prowess

Autentico. Design made in Puglia marks the first significant introduction of Pugliese design and production to the American market with an immersive exhibition showcasing handcrafted furnishings, materials, and objects from 11 exemplary regional brands. Exhibitors include Affreschi & Affreschi, AMURA LAB, BIANCO CAVE by FATO STONE, Centrino Style, Dimarmo, Marra Pavimenti, MITOHOME, Officine Tamborrino, Pimar Italian Limestone Specialist, R.D.D. Italia, and Trame di Pietra, with artwork by rising Pugliese photographer Piero Percoco in correspondence with each booth.

Archiproducts – an online portal and community for inspiration or sourcing of all things architecture, product, and design – is one of many key players facilitating this endeavor. “The Puglia region has always been a place of natural excellence, which has grown thanks to its unique geographical position between Europe and the Mediterranean,” say Enzo Maiorano and Rossella Arena – Co-founder of Archiproducts and Art director of Autentico, and account manager of Archiproducts and event manager for Autentico, respectively. “Over time, new know-how, skills, and technologies have mixed with Puglia’s traditions, leading to advanced research and experimentation. This Apulian craftsmanship is enriched with new values, bringing materials such as stone, fabrics, metal, and ceramics to increasingly appreciated levels of quality and excellence worldwide.” The Manhattan show – on view to the public until November 17 – proves that the most forward thinking design solutions are those steeped in heritage, history, and tradition. Below are seven selections from Autentico that champion contemporary Pugliese design.

Exhibit with marble bench and shelf

Dimarmo Exhibit

Detail of marble bench and shelf

Dimarmo’s Onda sculptural chaise longue

Dimarmo’s Onda Sculptural Lounge

It’s never “just marble” to an Italian, so for Dimarmo it’s the Onda sculptural chaise pool lounge. The luxurious furnishing is fashioned with a thin marble veneer offering lightness without compromising on aesthetic – subverting all expectations of the stone’s performance and sparking great joy as it floats by. The elegant shape complements a variety of placements in indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

Exhibit with three limestone planters

Bianco Cave by Fato Stone Exhibit

Large vases with basic geometric shapes in Lecce stone.

Large Vases for Bianco Cave by Fato Stone

With decades of expertise in extraction and manufacturing, Bianco Cave knows how to take advantage of the wide range of chromatic tones and material quality offered by Lecce limestone. The large vases delight with geometric shapes and tell the story of compositional simplicity and the connection with its physical place of origin.

Exhibit with sofa


Detail of contrasting modular sofa

MITOHOME’s Stone modular sofa

The Stone Modular Sofa by MITOHOME

The Stone Modular Sofa in contrasting textiles illustrates one of the many customizations for this contemporary sofa. MITOHOME executes its designs with solid wood construction and seams stitched with the care of hand-tailoring. Each product combines traditional craft with production efficiency.

Exhibit with three tile samples

Marra Pavimenti Exhibit

Detail of three tile samples

Three Cementine tile patters.

Cementine Tiles by Marra Pavimenti

Marra Pavimenti retells traditional visual narratives with contemporary language in their variety of cement paste multilayered tiles. The work of the Marra Brothers includes artisans that formulate an amalgam of water with elements such as white cement, fine marble chips, and color pigments to execute their flat patterns.

Exhibit with limestone tables

Pimar Italian Limestone Specialist Exhibit

Detial of limestone table

A sculpturally shaped coffee table by Pimar

Table by Pimar Italian Limestone Specialist

Pimar’s historical tradition and experience with Lecce limestone dates back roughly 150 years with longstanding commitments to sustainability and investments in renewable energy. The geometric coffee table designs oft borrow elements from architecture and introduce them at a human scale with a dialogue between materials like brass and stone.

Exhibit with console and side tables

Officine Tamborrino Exhibit

Detail of tables and console

The Grace console by Sara Mondaini for Officine Tamborrino

Grace Console by Offincine Tamborrino

Officine Tamborrino designs and manufactures metal furniture for residential, office, and community spaces alike. The modern Grace Console comes in a wide variety of finishes to accommodate aesthetic tastes as well as modifications like doors that cater to those clients who may require an additional level of utility.

Exhibit with spherical seating

R.D.D. Italia Exhibit

Spherical detail of pouf

The Ariu pouf by R.D.D. Italia

The Ariu Pouf by R.D.D. Italia

Spherical, whimsical, and highly technical, the Ariu Pouf is the result of craftsmanship and advanced technological solutions as the designers use a multidisciplinary approach to realize their furniture. This particular piece, which can be reconfigured at the user’s behest, is as reminiscent of atomic structure as it is the decorative stone elements that adorn traditional Italian architecture.

Autentico is open to the public until November 17th from 11am – 7pm at 82 Gansevoort (Meatpacking District) in New York City.

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