8 Succulent Planters to Get Your Indoor Garden Started

First we ventured into the world of low-maintenance indoor gardening by sharing some self-watering planters that inch you closer to that glorious green thumb. Now we’re taking it from low-maintenance to almost no maintenance by dipping into the succulent world. You’d have to be hiding under a rock not to have noticed the popularity of these drought-tolerant plants. They’re small, making them perfect for apartment living and they’re easy to keep alive. They’re also apparently Instagram-worthy as the hashtag ‘succulents’ has over seven million photos! Don’t just scroll through IG looking at them though – head out to your local plant shop and buy some. Once you have the plants, you have to find cool planters which might be as important as the plant itself. We’re making your life easier by rounding up 8 modern pots and planters for your favorite new plants to live.

04.18.19 | By
8 Succulent Planters to Get Your Indoor Garden Started

1. Hex Spora – Ceramic + Walnut Trio by Light + Ladder 2. Congruent Planter by Wyatt Little 3. Flecked Concrete Terrazzo Planter from Concrete Love 4. Tripod Planter by Andrew Molleur 5. Mono Pattern on Speckle Planter in Blue by O-M Studio 6. Mekong Planter by ZAKKIA for The Citizenry 7. Asymmetrical Hexagon Succulent/Tillandsia Planter by Boyce Studio 8. Magic Hour Planter by Helen Levi Ceramics

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