A Brazilian Holiday Retreat Designed for Social Interaction

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A Brazilian Holiday Retreat Designed for Social Interaction

FGMF Arquitetos recently completed Casa Jordão for a family in Monte-Mor, São Paulo that longed for a holiday retreat. The single story structure is located on a stud farm that dictates building codes for the area. One of the main rules required that they use clay for the roof, a common sight in Brazilian architecture. With that in mind, the architects began with an archetypal house shape, similar to a kid’s drawing, and continued by adding a barn-like extrusion. The finished result is an open floor plan with a center garden that leads into the social spaces.

A black slate pool wraps around two sides of the public spaces of the house.

The middle section of the structure features sliding glass doors that disappear to create an open-air, pavilion-style space with indoor/outdoor connection.

The living room feels massive with both sides open making it perfect for family gatherings. A custom storage unit separates this space from the other side, which houses seating and a fireplace that open out onto the side pool.

The kitchen resides in a mini house made from darkened wood, opposite of the light wood walls and ceiling of the main structure surrounding it.

Behind the kitchen volume, the private section of the house lives with several bedrooms and a kid’s play area.

Photos by Fran Parente.

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