A Classic 7 Pre-War Apartment in NYC Is Renovated by StudioLAB

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A Classic 7 Pre-War Apartment in NYC Is Renovated by StudioLAB

This Classic 7 pre-war apartment located across from Hudson River Park was left untouched for over 50 years before StudioLAB was hired to renovate it. When a young family with two kids purchased the 2,500 square foot unit they desired a more open floor plan while preserving some of the pre-war elements.

Dark spaces and tight rooms prevented the abundant natural light from entering the apartment, while also obscuring the views from the interior. Walls were taken down and a new layout for modern living was created. New custom herringbone floors made of charcoal stained white oak were laid throughout and paired with bright white walls and ceilings.

The kitchen boasts dark blue lacquered cabinets, the same color as the wall unit holding the TV in the den, with white uppers and black accents.

The bedrooms continue with a neutral color palette with the addition of blue accents, much like the rest of the apartment.

Photos ©Amanda Kirkpatrick.

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