A’ Design Award & Competition: Last Call to Enter Your Best Designs Before the Deadline

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A’ Design Award & Competition: Last Call to Enter Your Best Designs Before the Deadline

The A’ Design Award and Competition is still open and accepting nominations, so register and upload your design today. Entering your work to A’ Design Award is a great opportunity— it promotes original design work to millions of design oriented audiences including design buyers and editors. Winners not only get a fancy trophy, but so much more including an exhibition of awarded works, inclusion of awarded designs in best designs of the year annual, an exclusive PR campaign for awarded designs, invitation to the black-tie gala-night and award ceremony and most importantly, the ability to use the award winning design logo on your marketing and communications.

The competition reaches 180+ countries with over 100 categories. Plus, there are six different design competition categories that you might want to consider: Good Industrial Design Award, Good Architecture Design Award, Good Product Design Award, Good Communication Design Award, Good Service Design Award, and Good Fashion Design Award.

Competition entries are peer-reviewed and voted on by a prestigious jury panel of design professionals, scholars, and media members who follow special judging guidelines.

Register to The A’ Design Competition here.

Here are some of the recent award-winning entries:

Photo by Leung Chun Kin

Improbable Journey Womenswear Collection by Suetyi Ko: The Collection is about expressing the diversity of a metropolitan by handmade textiles (hand-felted wool and hand interlacing technique)and innovative silhouette. Transforming different shapes of the architectures in the city into the outfit’s silhouette is the main design direction to show the abstract idea of the fusion of the architecture and multi-culture of a metropolitan.

Balet Lamp & Book Holder Multifunctional Lamp by Mian Design Studio: The average American reads 12 books in a year. Therefore, the main mission of this Balet Lamp is to carry the high appreciation of books, holding a year’s worth.

Flowing Tai Chi Sales center by CHIH-KAI,KANG ; CHUN-PING,LI: The building’s volume of forms and materials performs the existence of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’, two contradictory but harmonized elements. The two elements embody the relationship between architecture and nature, construction activity and environmental protection. Although these aspects seem opposed and independent, finding a corresponding way will establish a sustainable and balanced symbiont.

Enter the Dragon Chandelier by Bureau V: To combine materials and forms that challenge and play with sensorial undertones of luxury, coarseness and commercialism embedded within them. As this fixture functions as both luminary and art object, it was also important that it be energy-efficient and long-lasting. Neon proved to be an ideal medium through which we circumscribed the aforementioned contrasts between high and low while providing the primary luminary for the fixture.

Micro Matter Miniature Sculptures in Glass Test Tubes by Rosa de Jong: The inspiration for this project came with the awareness of the fact that if you look at art, illustrations, drawings – anything creative, it’s really nice and inspirational if there’s space inside, an other dimension (this can be abstract too). This makes looking at it a little bit like meditation, instead of thinking, you get to be inside for a moment. With this realisation, the project Micro Matter came to life.

Photo by Eric Laignel

Le Campus Multifunctional space by Virserius Studio: Le Campus is a hybrid collaborative work, meeting and event space, located within a hotel. The goal with this design was to apply an unconventional approach to a conventional idea; specifically, to take the meeting and work space out of their traditional norm. Le Campus embodies design freedom with bold and unusual choices made with color, texture, art and overall aesthetic. It serves as a place that invites and inspires you to take similar creative chances when collaborating with others.

Photo by Toshihisa Ishii

N8-house [ House of III-BOX ] Residential House by Masahiko Sato: The concept of this designing is to ensure the privacy and safety, and also create a living space which makes family members happy and easy. Each room is independent of another, and perfectly blending with the nature.

Nest Experience furniture by Paul Ketz: Read more about this project here.

Photo by Alejandro Rocha

Green Hills Kindergarten School by Gerardo Broissin: The project’s inspiration: “When we thought of the kindergarten we were captivated by the concept of throwing buildings on the field as if they were toys and that originated the location of all of the prisms that seemed to be playing hide and seek, one building after another, leaving framed views of the surrounding forest.”

Photo by CI&A Photography

Villa Mistral Residential Villa by Mercurio Design Lab (also first photo): Named after the seasonal strong, north-westerly wind that blows across the Mediterranean, Mistral is like a sleek cruise ship. Painted in a a hint of metallic white, its structural elements are expressed both externally and internally, simultaneously referencing a boat and communicating the sense of a strong forward thrust.

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