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I spotted this adorable Holiday dinner plate of toys from Target over at Phetched. I have to admit, I lost my mind a little from adorable-overload. Really, how cute is this? The set includes turkey, corn, baked potato, biscuit, and what appears to be broccoli, served on top of a Frisbee. Yes, a Frisbee plate!

This is perhaps one of the most creative and well-designed doggie toy sets I’ve ever seen. At  $9.99 for a set of six toys, I am absolutely going to swing by Target asap to grab a set for Miles. I may pick up a few additional sets for some pet loving pals and family members. This would make the perfect gift set for their dogs to enjoy. What dog wouldn’t love a feast of toys? Currently it’s only available in stores so you’ll have to head out to your local Target to purchase.

Thanks to Katherine at Phetched for the great find and well-styled photos!