A Prefab Weekend House in Morelos, Mexico

With only a short amount of time for construction on-site, SOA Soler Orozco Arquitectos took a different route with this weekend house in Morelos, México. Casa Molina is a prefabricated structure built off-site and transported to the plot of land by a freight truck. The structure was completed in the workshop, along with light roofing, electrical, partial plumbing, and preliminary finishes for the floor, wall, and ceiling in the bathroom areas. While the house was being fabricated, the foundation was laid in preparation for moving day.

The residence is made up of modules that span 7.2 meters by 2.4 meters, which allow for road transport. Inside, the home includes two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a common covered terrace for year-round use.

Once the modules made it to the site they were assembled and doors and windows were installed. To complete the job, exterior stone was added, as well as the bathroom fixtures, lighting, and the finishing details.

Photos by Cesar Béjar.

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