A Renovated Home in Courdimanche with a Mezzanine Made of Net

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A Renovated Home in Courdimanche with a Mezzanine Made of Net

Martins Afonso atelier de design was tasked with reimagining a house in Courdimanche, France, for a family longing for a comfortable home that would work with their needs, and would accommodate their children. The central part of the residence is a double-height living room that underutilized the space before the renovation. A wooden volume connects both floors and houses multiple necessities, including the stairs, toilets, a bar, library, vinyl record storage, and a television spot. The unit is outfitted with various voids and hidden spaces that hide storage.

Additional built-in storage is found along a wall that begins at the front entryway, doubling as extra seating when needed. Above that, an irregular shelf created with differing heights provides open storage for items the family wants to display.

Instead of a solid ceiling or being left completely open, the architects installed a net between the two floor and created a mezzanine where the adults and kids can relax or play. By not closing the space in, natural light can pass through to the ground floor keeping the interior bright.

Extra storage wraps around the net on the second floor, perfect for toys or items not needed on a regular basis.

Photos by Mickaël Martins Afonso, courtesy of v2com.

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