A Rotterdam Office Relocates to a Renovated Historic Building

08.03.17 | By
A Rotterdam Office Relocates to a Renovated Historic Building

FinTech’s company Bridgevest relocated offices to the center of Rotterdam to Veerhaven, an area where architectural character still remains. They chose a building from 1890 to renovate with the help of Studio Tomorrow, who came in with a light, colorful design plan that also kept historical details intact. The building was once a bank with the bank owner and his family residing there – there’s still a safe in the cellar!

Historic elements remain, while a contemporary identity adds a fresh layer to propel the company into the future. Studio Tomorrow thoughtfully merged the past with the needs of a modern office, and did so with visually appealing furniture and lighting, a fun color palette, and a unique custom wall carpet.

Along with designing the interiors, Studio Tomorrow designed a custom, 100 square meter carpet for the wall that not only helped with acoustics, it brought an artistic element to a plain wall. The carpet’s pattern is based on hand-cut paper forms they translated into carpet with shapes that emerge between the second and third floors of the building. They grow in size and begin to merge together to form new patterns and textures.

Photos by Studio Moost.

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