A Vibrant Living Room Redesign Stands Out With Custom Lime Wash Paint

03.16.21 | By
A Vibrant Living Room Redesign Stands Out With Custom Lime Wash Paint

Designer Danielle Nagel of Dazey Den recently redesigned Lena Nersesian’s main living room into a vibrant backdrop of colors, patterns and paints. Lena, who found out she was pregnant, was motivated to create a bright, fun and expressive space for her little girl. She tapped on Danielle to help do just that and together, they created a colorful, bohemia-meets-art-deco space that stands out in large part because of a custom lime wash from JH Wall Paints.

The pair used two JH Lime Wall Paint colors to create the custom pink hue: Color #65 (blush) and Color #9432 (sea foam). The lime wash adds an earthy texture and visually gives a moment when compared to regular flat paint.

For the color palette, Danielle paired the playful pink with a grounding green, and then brought in more colors as accents throughout the space. For example, the golden yellows in the main moroccan rug is repeated in the custom mural.

In the kitchen, a grid display of open shelving commands attention with its colored mirrors and objects of design. The grounding green and accent yellows are repeated in the lower cabinets with brass hardware.

Photos by Danielle Nagel.

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