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As a robot-obsessed crazy dog lady, I may be a little biased when I say that these dog toys from designer Aimée Wilder are the coolest ever. Even if robots aren’t your ‘thing’, you’ve got to admit these are pretty awesome! Of course, there’s also an adorable toucan, a ‘punkmunk’, and a lobster that are equally fantastic. Which can only mean one thing: better collect ’em all!

Aimée Wilder Dog Toys

Aimée Wilder Dog Toys

Take a peek at more toys and dog goodies right here and, while you’re at it, get to know Aimée’s four-legged muse Bella!


Capree has a deep love of Victorian-era “fancy lads”, 19th Century anatomy drawings, and tin robots. She loves big, bold colors and big, bold patterns. Oh, and anything well-designed, especially if it’s something she can sit in.