Alex Proba Responded to an Invocation with A Poster A Day

03.10.17 | By
Alex Proba Responded to an Invocation with A Poster A Day

Artist Alex Proba started a daily project back in 2013, Mine Yours Ours Hers, based on calls from strangers around the world. These invocations spanned a wide range of topics—from happiness, sadness, loss, and much more. She began her A Poster A Day project by visually interpreting and responding to it each one with a custom poster. She did this for more than a year. In fact it was close to four years, where she answered 1460 questions with 1460 posters.

The four years were divided into different parts, which explains the name of the project. The first year, Mine, was about her life. The second year, Yours, was about your life. The third year, Ours, was about our life, and the fourth year, Hers, was about the lives of inspirational women.

The show will have each poster in 5×7 prints, and cover the whole gallery. They will all be available to purchase.

The exhibition will be up until March 27, 2017 at the Cooler Gallery in Brooklyn.

From the exhibition:

After surviving a quarter life crisis, Nanette went from working in healthcare canadian meds to pursuing her loves of design, food and writing. During the day she works in social media marketing, by night she writes for Design Milk. You can find more of her work at