Alexander Mueller’s Dahlia Collection Was Inspired by Drain Pipes

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Alexander Mueller’s Dahlia Collection Was Inspired by Drain Pipes
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Award-winning furniture designer Alexander Mueller’s newest living and dining series entitled the Dahlia Collection is the product of conventional techniques used to create contemporary designs. Produced in collaboration with Italian manufacturer Universal, Mueller crafted a bookshelf, a coffee table, a dining table, and a bench, all inspired by the architectural lines he saw while living in London.


While drain pipes are generally unassuming and uninspiring, Mueller noticed that the drain pipes on certain structures in London were sometimes a contrasting color, giving the structures themselves a sort of outline and added visual interest overall. Mueller replicated this theme with the Dahlia Collection by cutting away the edges of his products (a carpentry term called chamfering). The result is a revealing of untreated ash, which gives each product an outline effect against the stained black frames.




Clean lines are always referenced in one way or another in my designs and this is setting the tone for future developments, hopefully with some exciting twists.







Eventually, Mueller hopes to be able offer a customizable option where his customers could choose their own colors to complement their living spaces. For information about purchasing, visit Alexander Mueller’s site.

Images by Matteo Lavazza.

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