Alley Cat: A Modern Backyard DADU in Seattle for a Busy Couple

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Alley Cat: A Modern Backyard DADU in Seattle for a Busy Couple

Detached Auxiliary Dwelling Units (DADU) have become more common over the years as housing prices have risen and inventory has declined. Most of the people adding a smaller living structure to their backyard are those wanting to rent them out for added income. In this situation, the homeowners wanted to rent out their main house and build a DADU for themselves to live in when they’re not traveling. The couple enlisted SHED Architecture & Design who designed a unique, low-maintenance structure that opened up to their existing garden and to sunlight. Named Alley Cat, the building features an asymmetrical roofline that gives nod to a cat ready to pounce with its back flattened to the ground.

Four skylights above the loft allow natural light in during the daytime, and come night, they’re perfect for gazing at the stars. A small window at the end of the kitchen counter offers a view outside while allowing additional light to enter.

A massive sliding glass door opens out to the patio thereby extending the living room to the outside.

The open living room and kitchen feel much larger than the are thanks to the high white ceilings and natural light.

Materials were kept simple for the interior with plywood covering the lower portion of the walls and heated concrete floors to ground the space.

Alley Cat is clad in standing seam metal panels that provide a maintenance-free exterior designed to hold up to the elements.

Photos by Mark Woods.

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