Alto, Aura and Balance: Archilume’s Newest Luminaire Systems

07.17.18 | By
Alto, Aura and Balance: Archilume’s Newest Luminaire Systems

Sometimes, the strongest statement-making forms come from the most basic of shapes. That’s the inspiration Canadian lighting designer Saleem Khattak of Archilume used to create his latest three luminaire systems: Alto, Aura and Balance.

Alto resembles the craftsmanship of a cut diamond with its strong upper conical shape and transparent base. Using Archilume’s signature “total internal reflection optics,” Alto’s warm, glare-free glow ranges from a full brightness of 3000 degrees Kelvin to a dimmed down color temperature of 1800 degrees Kelvin.

Aura is divided into two hemispheres that make up its bold spherical form. The top half is made of aircraft-grade machined aluminum while the lower half is a clear optical lens. Both Aura and Alto employ Archilume’s new Dim to Warm feature to emit a warmer light when dimmed.

Balance draws isnpiration from the Bauhaus movement and the sculptural works of Joan Miró and Alexander Calder. It’s composed of two disc shapes – one is made from opaque machined aluminum and the other is a transparent, frosted acrylic lens – suspended by twinned cables.

Alto, Aura and Balance are also available in a satin translucent frosted lens option that diffuses a warm-tone light for a more intimate light setting. To see the entire collection, visit Archilume.

Photos by Archilume via v2com.

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