An Art Collection Borne From Social Media

Sydney-based artist Kate Banazi and Madrid-based artist Diego Berjon have never met. Yet, they have undertaken an extremely intimate and personal journey together to create collaborative art. They first met on Instagram, and by communicating only through email and letters, Kate and Diego have worked together to create a set of graphic art pieces that represent the forming and solidifying of a budding collaboration.

All art is silkscreen and acrylic, ink or iron oxide on paper. The art exemplifies the quest for human connection and trust, but also about sharing things that are personal and unique. Both were pushed out of their comfort zone by letting another work on what is typically a singular process. Much like growing up with a sibling, the process helped both find maturity, which in turn, brought liberation and freedom.

After surviving a quarter life crisis, Nanette went from working in healthcare canadian meds to pursuing her loves of design, food and writing. During the day she works in social media marketing, by night she writes for Design Milk. You can find more of her work at