An Urban Loft Designed by Nina Mar A&D Encapsulates the Alpine Lifestyle

05.18.21 | By
An Urban Loft Designed by Nina Mar A&D Encapsulates the Alpine Lifestyle

Designed by Nina Mair Architecture + Design, this modern penthouse apartment located outside Innsbruck, Austria was renovated to become an urban loft that encapsulates the Alpine lifestyle. The interiors feature a warm, pastel color palette enhanced by precious natural materials like oak marquee, Kanfanar stone, linen and wool textiles. The home was also designed around a central nucleus that allows the residents to use the different rooms depending on the season and the sun’s position. This design strategy appropriately captures or avoids natural light for the different functions of the rooms, such as cooking, dining, recreation, resting and bathing.

The custom kitchen made of Kanfanar stone, the oiled wood floors and the bespoke oak furniture ties in with the natural Alpine environment outside. Thoughtfully placed openings flood the rooms with light and enhance the ambience of the generous space.

A custom oak bench wrapped in a ribbed, subdued blue upholstery punctuates the space.

A clever custom built-in desk unfolds to create a compact home office, and tucks away at the end of the day to relinquish its space to the private space.

The local Rauriser stone mixes well with the pastel mint tiles in the bathroom. A skylight illuminates the space with a soft glow during the morning hours.

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