The Anadu Hotel in Huzhou, China

At the foot of the Mogan Mountain in Huzhou, China, sits the Anadu, a luxury rural resort designed by Studio8 where the element of water is the unifying theme throughout the hotel’s interiors and themed guest rooms.

Studio8 designed the Anadu guest rooms with four different themes, each unique in their own space and inspired by the room’s surroundings. The Tea room faces the white tea harvest so its interiors reflect materials and colors that reinforce the tea theme. The Mountain room faces the mountain on the south so it features natural stone and a dark grey color palette reminiscent of the distant mountains. The Bamboo room faces the bamboo forest in the east; naturally bamboo is the featured material here. Lastly, the Sky room located at the very top of the building is surrounded by an infinity water feature that behaves like a mirror to reflect the sky and the hotel’s surroundings.

While the Sky room is the largest, each of the rooms has its own infinity water feature on the roof of each floor, fostering a connection between indoor and outdoor.

Throughout the interiors, Studio8 sourced for local materials and ingredients for the restaurant wherever possible. Custom bamboo lamps, furniture built from reclaimed wood, and custom tables made from local wood + stone all help to highlight the rural surroundings of the location and retain a sense of authenticity.

What: The Anadu
Where: Shen Qi Village, Chang Xing, Province ZheJiang, China
How much? Rooms start at approximately $434 per night.
Highlights: With picturesque views in every which way, the Anadu is a luxury resort located in rural China that helps guests foster a connection between the indoors and outdoors.
Design draw: Each of the rooms features a different theme – Tea, Mountain, Bamboo, and Sky – that’s reflected in the interior design and/or surrounding views.
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