ANDlight’s 2019 Additions Are Authentic and Approachable

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ANDlight’s 2019 Additions Are Authentic and Approachable

Since its launch in 2013, ANDlight has designed and produced functional lighting that feels authentic and approachable. The Vancouver-based company recently unveiled three new collections at Euroluce, designed by Lukas Peet and Caine Heintzman – the Pebble, Array, and Vale series. The Pivot series, as well as an addition to the Spotlight series, round out ANDlight’s 2019 releases. Each lighting solution has almost endless possibility and versatility, with a variation of form, finish, and material.

The Pebble series is a celebration of stones, translated as translucent sculpture and blown glass. The irregularly paired shapes take on different forms from different perspectives, each with four possibilities for finishes. The Pebble series offers a double glass pendant as well as a single glass sconce version.

“The initial inspiration for the series was the inherent beauty of river rocks—seemingly simple, the complexity of their form and how they interact are the result of thousands of years of sculpting by nature. Glass blowing was an interesting process to utilize for this idea, as the process is enabled for manipulation and malleability of the material. I wanted to allow these primordial shapes to glow—adding to their profoundness and giving them a soul,” said designer Lukas Peet.

The Vale series features a sort of undulating profile thanks to its curvature, creating a gradient of diffused light. The fixture may suspend horizontally or vertically as well as singularly or grouped. The Vale series is available as a single pendant as well as a surface mount.

“Dynamism, created by juxtaposing light with a wave-like contour fueled the initial research. Exploring scale, pitch and frequency, and various materials helped settle for the most effective and interesting radiance. Focused specifically on the lens of the luminaire—the process development determined form and functionality as it needed to be lightweight and translucent, yet able to create volume,” said designer Caine Heintzman.

The Array series diffuses light to create an ambient aura in any space thanks to its circular panels, much like the moon reflects light from the sun. The fixture is available as a single or multiple fixture, as well as in multiple finishes.

Peet shared, “The starting point for the Array collection was a subtle indirect light fixture. The components’ form and finish were elegantly refined to reflect the light source, while remaining functional as well as approachable. The fixture’s methodical form and orderly rhythm is contrasted by the subtly textured and seemingly disorderly natural stone-like finish. The Array family is quite technical, yet pure and minimal in the end.”

The Pivot series is lighthearted and playful in design. The shade balanced upon an opalescent globe, directing light down as well as up and allowing for easy adjustments and dimming with a large spherical knob. Pivot is available in three natural stone-like finishes.

“The idea for the Pivot was to create a friendly and approachable table light that was based on a number of functional elements. The shade ‘pivots’ on the glass light source, allowing for directional downlight and constant uplight. The large spherical dimming knob mirrors the glass globe while also being a point of contact and adjustability. The cord length can be adjusted by simply wrapping or unwrapping it around the base underneath the fixture,” Peet explained.

Meanwhile, ANDlight’s Spotlight series has added a floor lamp to its collection. Inspired by, yes spotlights, the series is based on four shade profiles that can be combined in 16 configurations for various amounts of both down- and uplighting. The Spotlight Volumes Series features a pendant and table light version, alongside the new floor lamp.

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