Andrés Reisinger Dreams up Surreal Pink Shelving for Tylko

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Andrés Reisinger Dreams up Surreal Pink Shelving for Tylko

Andrés Reisinger is no stranger to the concept of tech-enabled design. After all, the digital artist has become highly celebrated and sought after for his mesmerizing, pastel-hued, surrealist art, like his digital work The Shipping which sold for $450,000 at auction and his film Arcadia that fetched a handsome $525,000 at the Christie’s 21st Century Evening Sale. His Hortensia Chair went on to become limited edition physical chairs that look like a dream come alive. In his latest collaboration with furniture brand Tylko, he is bringing his signature artistic style to shelving with a new color called “Reisinger Pink” that redefines the concept of shelving as art.

A modular pink shelf in an industrial room

Reisinger is the first of Tylko’s Unlimited Edition artist collaborations that will stamp the bespoke shelving with the Unlimited Edition artist’s badge, certifying the furniture as a piece of art rather than just a storage solution. Tylko also seeks to rebel against the limited edition sales model that creates subjective value based on scarcity.

model of pink shelf on the actual pink shelf

modular pink shelf in a room next to a curtained window

man walking towards a modular pink shelf in a room next to a curtained window

Tylko furniture is already bespoke because customers digitally create their shelving to fit their needs and spaces. Now with these artist-in-residence collaborations, they can also find the right person to align with their aesthetics. With “Reisinger Pink,” those looking to create a dreamy interior space that packs a punch with color may have found what they need. “The thrill of merging the surreal and the everyday lies in the power to transform people’s experience of commonplace objects and, by extension, their living spaces,” Reisinger concludes.

objects on a modular pink shelf

man placing object on a modular pink shelf in a room next to a curtained window

modern living space with a cubic bright pink shelf filled with books and colorful objects

closeup of a woman's hand opening a drawer on a modern pink shelving unit

angled view of a modern living space with a low pink storage console and a gold and tan rug in front of it

The Tylko shelving in Reisinger Pink is available as a bedside table, sideboards, and wall shelving, ranging in price between €170 to €2400.

partial bedroom view with a modern pink bedside table

angled partial view of a modern bedroom with a pink bedside table

A modular pink shelf against a desert landscape at dusk.

man standing in front of a modular pink shelf and behind a desk with a computer, white lamp, and model of the pink shelf

Andrés Reisinger

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